Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lejog Day 14 Crask Inn-John O'Groats

After a hearty breakfast, we left Crask Inn heading for Bettyhill on the north coast where we would turn right & follow the coast to our ultimate goal of John O'Groats. The 1st 30 miles were excellent, riding around Loch Naver & following the river down to the coast. After the cafe stop at Bettyhill it was up hill straight out of the car park, followed by undulating roads & headwind for the remaining 55 miles. The route took us past the Dounreay nuclear power facility before passing through Thurso where there was a mass conga dance going on with hundreds of people & children in the line which snaked through a pub. Further down the street was the sound of bagpipes as servicemen marched through the town. We ate all the food we were carrying & continued on, arriving at John O'Groats at around 5:30pm with another 85 miles under the belt. We celebrated our acheivement with a bottle of champagne & made our way to the Seaview Hotel for a well earned meal. Mission complete!!! The End.

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